BFSA Floating Structures offers a full range of services related to:


  • Calculation of wave parameters in “deep water”, shoal, including a wave break zone and a run-upzone.

  • Forecast of the dangerous hydrodynamic phenomena.

·          Extreme wave heights on sea boundary of hydraulic engineering structures, inner harborage, taking into account a refraction, diffraction, nonlinear effects, bottom, lateral friction, waves break, wave-to-wave interaction, in consideration of design features of hydraulic engineering structures, including the floating ones.


·          Phenomena of harbor seiche, broken water, stationary wave in water areas of harborages, marines.

  • Calculation of flow fields: geostrophic, drift, wind-wave. Depending on problems to be solved the three-dimensional or quazi three-dimensional model of flows is realized.


  • Calculation of run-up and run-down phenomena taking into account development of atmospheric dynamic systems.


  • Calculation of impurity substances (pollutants) transport.


·          From coastal sources (watercourses, rainwater disposals and so forth).


·          From deep release outlets.


  • Calculation of suspended and tractional sediment flow.


  • Dynamics forecast of beaches: sandy, pebble, sandy-pebble; the short-term forecast (for a separate storm), the long-term forecast (for 1 year, for the period of climatic variability).


  • Forecast of filling of navigation entrance channels, port water areas, marines, areas behind wave-breaking protective hydraulic engineering structures.


  • Forecast of oil propagation at accidental oil spill. The model realized in calculations allows considering direction changes of wind and flows, wave parameters, oil products discharge at seashores. In case of oil spill, its degradation (temporary change of density and viscosity, dispersion, emulsification and evaporation loss) is considered in calculations.


  • Forecast of dangerous lithodynamical phenomena


·          Erosion forecast of underwater pipelines ground base (gas, oil pipelines, deep release outlets and so forth).


·         Erosion forecast of the underwater foundation of hydraulic engineering structures.


  • Calculation  of groundwater dynamics (hydrogeology).


  • Calculation of rivers estuary dynamics.


  • Forecast of sea ecosystem development.


  • Calculation  of  rivers estuary dynamics in zone of interaction of fresh river and nearshore sea waters.


  • Forecast of sea ecosystem development, including determination of potential eutrophication.