For 16 years now BFSA Floating Structures provides innovative technical and architectural solutions in the field of design and construction of various floating structures.


BFSA Floating Structures

We are one of the leading companies in the field of design and construction of:

  • heavy duty reinforced concrete pontoons;
  • steel or reinforced concrete based floating refuelling complexes for water, land and air transport refilling;
  • floating commercial and residential structures: hotels, office centres, condominiums, villas, restaurants, concert halls, entertainment and sports complexes, multistoried parking lots, shopping malls etc.;
  • floating technical structures: emergency rescue platforms, floating workshops, floating ports, docks etc.;
  • floating hydro-technical structures: floating breakwaters.

The experience gained during implementation of  various "turn key" projects in close cooperation with Lloyd's Register in the countries of European Union, Russia and Croatia, gives a customer a complete confidence that a project will be fully implemented according to terms and technical specification of the client.



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