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Commercial structures

Floating Office Centre

Today, when many cities are overpopulated, and we every day waste our precious time in traffic jams, we pay obviously overcharged prices for the rent of ordinary office rooms without any special conveniences, Baltic Floating Structures offer the way out: Floating Office Centre.


Floating Office Center is designed and constructed on a big capacity monolithic reinforced concrete pontoon, hence the need in renting or purchasing of land is reduced to minimum.


An indisputable advantage of the Floating Office is a possibility to reach such office in three ways - by land (there is a spacious car parking lot integrated inside the pontoon), by air (the helipad can be installed on the roof of the office centre for helicopter take off and landing) and by water (probably, the most convenient and fastest way to reach the office: there is a specially equipped berth installed on the pontoon for yachts, boats and other water crafts owners, where they can moor their water transport).  


Floating office centre can include the following:


  • Spacious office rooms with a magnificent view for a reasonable price

  • Spacious "underwater" parking lot

  • Specially equipped berth for water transport owners

  • Helipad

  • Warehouse and technical rooms inside the pontoon

  • General dining room

  • Cafe

  • Gym

  • Spa and massage salon

  • Small park around the office building

  • and many other 


Floating Office