Lloyd's Register

All projects BFSA implemented under the supervision of leading global registers, such as Lloyd's Register and other members of IACS, as well as the Russian River Register.


Representation of Products

BFSA is expanding its profile by representing materials and products of highest standards and technological qualities.

Industrial Structures

Heavy Duty Concrete Pontoons


The company Baltic Floating Structures, under supervision of Lloyd’s Register and other classification societies, designs and manufactures heavy duty concrete pontoons which can be used for construction of various buildings on the water:


  • Floating Fuel Stations;
  • Hotels, houses, offices, concert halls, restaurants, bars, shops, stores, spas, greenhouses, etc.;
  • Helipads;
  • Multi-storey car parking lots on the water;
  • Platforms for leisure and entertainment, swimming pools;
  • Piers, wharves, breakwaters;
  • Working platforms for construction and repair;
  • and other.


Concrete pontoons are made of high-quality concrete according to the customer's individual technical requirements.   

Advantages of concrete:

  • Long-term operation (50-70 years): concrete - fireproof material, resistant to fatigue and corrosion, thus prolonging the maintenance-free operation;
  • Economic advantages: concrete structures generally require less time than the production of metal structures and often are more cost-effective;
  • Low operating costs: concrete does not require painting or maintenance;
  • Strength of the material allows to install the construction in the most demanding waters of the world;
  • Constructive weight of concrete creates a low centre of gravity, which increases the stability of the structure;
  • Provides its own buoyancy and stability while being towed to the site;
  • Environmentally safe material.
  • Technical premises can be arranged inside the pontoon e.g. utility rooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, toilets etc. (see section view).


Baltic Floating Structures offers design, manufacture and installation of contemporary floating structures based on heavy duty concrete pontoons of own production.


Today this area of ​​construction is gaining immense popularity throughout the world. The coastal area around any metropolis nowadays is built up for more than a hundred miles inland and all the more urgent becomes the use of water space for construction:


  • Opens up the possibility of new construction in the city center;
  • Effectively used water space reduces the need to lease or purchase of land to minimum;


With many years of experience of creating structures on the water and fruitful cooperation with leading international architectural and design studios Baltic Floating Structures can offer a turn-key construction of unique modern structures on the water.


Concrete Pontoons