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Industrial Structures

Floating Port


Baltic Floating Structures offers a full range of services associated with the construction of a floating port: from a full analysis of the waterarea, flowfields, waves and wind loads, forecasts of lithodynamic dangerous phenomena, ecosystem development, etc. up to creation of waveprotected waterareas by installing floating breakwaters and  construction of ports by the means of heavy-duty concrete pontoons of own production. Hence, if necessary, the functionality of the port can be changed without stopping the daily operation or investing significantly.


The floating port consists of the modules which arrangement can change, proceeding from needs of the port, without stopping the daily work. Thereby the functionality of the port can be modified in the shortest terms and without financial losses.


Construction of a floating port has a number of advantages in comparison with a standard construction of ports:


  • Faster terms of implementation
  • Economically advantageous
  • No need in rent / purchase of a big land plot
  • The developed infrastructure is not required
  • The simplified procedure of coordination with authorities
  • High functionality


Types of Breakwaters: CLICK HERE


Floating Port Equipment: 

Floating Quay Wall

A floating port extension or a floating quay wall is a great solution to reconstruct the existed quay wall and sometimes enlarge the depth near the quay wall without stopping the daily work of the port and with no use of dredging works. In most of the cases it is also a more economical option, comparing it to standard reconstruction works.

Floating Oil Terminal

Having 11 years of experience in providing floating refuelling solutions Baltic Floating Structures now offer big-volume Floating Oil Terminals on the base of heavy-duty concrete pontoons for storage of oil and petrochemical products. The Terminal can also be used for refuelling vessels and planes.

The capacity of the Floating Terminal is from 1000 m3 up to 30 000 m3

Floating Pontoon for Port Crane Installation

An excellent solution for small ports with weak (demanding reconstruction) quay wall and/or with small depth directly near the quay wall that complicates, and sometimes excludes opportunity for larger vessels to moor for offloading. The floating port crane on a ferroconcrete pontoon not only improves the quay wall without stopping the daily work of the port, but also creates additional storage premises, and in some ports enlarges its’ capacity because of the increase in depth near the quay wall without dredging. 


Floating Port