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Residential structures

Floating Condos

Due to high population of big cities and the lack of territory for the further development and construction, Baltic Floating Structures offers a solution - Floating Condos - a new approach to housing construction.


Indisputable advantage of such approach is mobility of floating houses, which allows moving the floating structure to a more suitable location in case of natural cataclysms, infrastructure or ecosystem changes. One of the most essential pluses of Floating Condos is the low price, in comparison with onshore houses of the similar class, rent or purchase of which can reach the highest price rates. Baltic Floating Structures provides the non-standard solution of this problem by housing construction on water surface.


Floating Condominium can be installed in wave protected water areas. As the houses are constructed on the base of monolithic reinforced concrete pontoons, with a wide use of moisture- and fire-resistant materials, durability of such floating buildings is quite big – around 50-70 years, which only increases constantly growing interest to "living on water".



Floating Condos