Lloyd's Register

All projects BFSA implemented under the supervision of leading global registers, such as Lloyd's Register and other members of IACS, as well as the Russian River Register.


Representation of Products

BFSA is expanding its profile by representing materials and products of highest standards and technological qualities.

Residential structures

Floating Village

The Floating Village designed by Baltic Floating Structures is one of the forms of "living on water".  This complex is being built with a wide use of the latest technologies.  This floating village has a number of advantages comparing to the onshore structures - there is no need in land while constructing the village, which exempts client from difficulties with registration of the land plot, laying of communications, registration of the structure as well as many other important aspects of construction on land. 


Floating Village can be installed in waveprotected areas. As the BalticFS floating structures are being built on the basis of monolithic reinforced concrete pontoon using the hightech moisture- and  fire-resistant materials, such floating structure will serve 50-70 years without significant repairs.


The architecture and interiors of the house are limited only to capabilities and imagination of the customer. For achievement of full comfort of the residents, city communications to the floating village are carried out from the shore, however the structure can be completely autonomous.


There are to ways to enter the Floating Village: by land, using motor transport or by water transport which can easily be moored near the villa. BalticFS unite convenience with a practicality of floating structures, caring about life quality of each client.  


Floating Village