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Refuelling solutions

05 Series Floating Filling Station

The 05 series floating refuelling complex is specially designed for refilling of  boats, mega yachts and jet skis.

The filling station has a reinforced concrete hull with the built-in double-walled large capacity fuel tank. Upon request the station can be equipped with a small parking lot for jet skis. 

Floating filling station has the following characteristics:

  • Double-walled fuel tank;

  • The station is intended for installation in sea and fresh waters;

  • Possibility to refuel with 3 fuel types – 95, DD, LPG

  • The high standards of ecological and fire safety corresponding to all directives of EU;

  • Reinforced concrete hull ensures the maintenance-free operation for 50-70 years

  • The station has an integrated lightning rod;

  • The fuel station is installed with anchors or piles;

  • The refuelling process of the floating fuel station can be carried out both with a fuel truck and with a bunkering vessel;

  • Mini-market, as an additional income source;

  • The station can be moved to another location if necessary;

  • Low FDU zone, for convenient and safe water transport refuelling, as well as minimization of environmental contamination risks.

  • Can be equipped with a parking lot for jet skis

  • Toilet and shower are installed on the board


Floating Fuel Station

Model 05c-80 05c-100 05cp-100 06c-120

Total Area

18 m х 7 m 26 m х 7 m 32 m х 7 m 25 m х 15m
Hull Lifetime 50 - 70 years
Freeboard  0,9 - 1,5 m  0,9 - 1,6 m  0,9 - 1,6 m 0,9 - 1,7 m
Docking Weight  170 t  270 t  270 t 480 t
Hull Structure Monolithic reinforced concrete hull
Draft  2 m  2 m  2 m  2 m
Fuel tank (double-walled) 80 m3 100 m3 100 m3 120 m3
Types of Fuel 95, diesel, LPG
Mini-Market 45 m2 85 m2 85 m2 143 m3
Ship Class AT I.W.W. Pontoon. With descriptive note: Bunker station suitable for storage of gas oil/diesel oil (UN 1202) and Benzine (UN 1203) in under deck tanks. (Lloyd's Register)
Installation Location In wave protected areas, as well as ports and marinas
Fuel Dispensing Units 4
Parking Lot for Jet Skis  - - 7 14
* technical parameters can be changed accordnig to clients individual requirements